Why Non-Golfers Should Consider a Golf Lesson

Why Non-Golfers Should Consider a Golf Lesson

Author: Gillian Barnes/Wednesday, December 20, 2017/Categories: Golf, Golf Academy

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I’ll admit it. I’m the first person to shy away from a golf lesson. To give you some background, I’m the daughter of a long-term golfer who hoped I’d somehow grow up to be “Tigeress Woods.” I’ll break it down for you, that didn’t happen.

However, since joining the team at Atkinson Resort & Country Club, I have learned to appreciate the game in ways I never expected. Here are some reasons why I believe everyone, even non-golfers should consider a golf lesson.


Have you ever met one of our Atkinson All-Stars? They are our PGA Junior League team and let me tell you, they are incredible kids. They are kind, dedicated and mature beyond their years.

I have had the opportunity to take pictures of them during the Regionals and I was shocked by the quality of their character. They shake hands with their competition whether they win or lose – and the thing is – they really mean those handshakes. They are trained to appreciate other players’ skill and consistently use that as motivation to work harder and win next time.

I can say firmly that if I had a child of my own I would consider signing them up for golf lessons at Willowcreek Golf Academy. I believe they teach healthy competition, teamwork and respect.

A Less Conventional Date

One of the best aspects of being in charge of social media here at the Resort is seeing the posts from our customers. Just the other day a group of four ladies took advantage of the end-of-the-season temperatures to play golf together. They took an adorable selfie, which we then posted on our Your Day At Atkinson page.

Those women had a blast and I’m betting, though I don’t know them, I could see that their day was drama-free and fun. You don’t have to be an amazing golfer to enjoy our course. It’s beautiful! The walk or cart ride along is worth the effort of scheduling your boys or girls day with us.


Exercise has to be the thing I dislike most in life, but golf makes it much more palatable. As a non-golfer, it’s not always clear how much benefit you can realize by playing the game. First of all, if you opt to walk the course, you’ll make your Fitbit very happy. Second, the swing itself is the perfect way to keep you shoulders loose. And finally, the fresh air can actually contribute to healthy weight loss!

That’s right, major fitness sites like Prevention state that you can burn 10% more outside during the cooler weather. So if you are looking for a way to enjoy exercise, consider booking a tee time next spring.

Can’t wait for spring? We have a heated golf range, which you can purchase a Winter Range Membership for and we also offer virtual golf in our simulators where you can play 35 different golf courses in the comfort of the Merrill's Tavern Game Room.


Have I convinced you? I hope so! See you on the course! I’ll be the one missing the ball a few times…


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